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Specialen Sverige 27.08.16

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Dansk specialshow 21.08.2016


NKK Drammen, 04.06.16

NKK Drammen, 04.06.16

NOESK show, last deadline JUNE 12.


Have you remembered the 1st entry closure for the Norwegian OES Club’s Speciality Show? 1st deadline is May 29! The Norwegian Kennel Club has its show in Trondheim the same weekend! (More information at   We also have unofficial class at our show and you are welcome to enter your dogs before 1st closure […]

Norsk Berner Sennenhundklubb, 24.04.1...

Norsk Berner Sennenhundklubb, 24.04.16

NKK Bergen, 16.04.16


Dommer: Annika Ulltveit-Moe Championklasse tispe Exc 1CHKK CK 1BTK CACIB BIR NUCH Aryakas Rodopee Eier: Bente Karlsen

NKK Bø, 20.02.16

NKK Bø, 20.02.16

Norsk Grand Danois Klubb, 24.01.16


Dommer: Leif-Herman Wilberg Juniorklasse hannhund Exc 1JKK NJV-15 DKJV-15 DKV-15 Grizzly Dream Complicated Heart Eier: Karethe Jakobsen Championklasse tispe Exc 1CHKK CK 1BTK BIR NUCH Aryakas Rodopee Eier: Bente Karlsen

NOESK årsmøte 02.07.2016

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NOESK Spesial 03.07.2016

Dizzny'z Supernatural &
Aryakas Rodanthi

!CABIN RESERVATION! The NOESK Clubshow will be held on Sunday July 3rd 2016, at Storesand Camping in Trondheim. Judge: Susanna Malacrida, Nobilpazzi Kennel, Italia. At Saturday July 2nd, the OES can also enter at the Norwegian Kennel Club show in Trondheim. The Norwegian Old English Sheepdog Club has made cabin reservations at Storsand Camping from Friday […]